Discreet Shipping

We fully understands that customers rely on discreet shipping, and complete discretion for payments, when ordering from this website. That is why every precaution possible has been taken to ensure customer privacy.
Always discreet

When ordering cannabis  or any other product from this website, completely secure payment methods and processing are used at all times. All orders are shipped in a discreet and sturdy padded brown envelope, labelled as shown in this picture

There is never anything on the outside of the package that could suggest what the contents are.

The level of trust that customers place in our pproducts is answered by the attention to detail and emphasis that the we place on ensuring a safe and discreet online shopping experience, so customers can be rest assured that transactions are protected by the best privacy legislation in the world.

Ordering: No shopping cart, no registering, just a simple form that is submitted on a secure site. Your shipping information is only stored long enough for shipping and delivery. Then securely deleted. We will not email any sensitive information. Also, we use PGP encrypted email, so messages can only be read by sender and reciever when requested or required
Buy marijuana online and have it delivered to your door! It doesn’t matter whether you live in a state with medical marijuana laws or not. We ship everywhere! We offer a wide variety of marijuana strains for recreational and medicinal use.

- High quality grade marijuana delivered to your door
- No medical ID card needed

- Super stealth double vacuum sealed shipping
- Bags that weigh properly.