white widow = $290 for 1Ounce
Jack Herer = $350 for 1 Ounce
OG Kush = $270 for 1ounce
Northernlight Buds = $340 for 1
Hash Oil ( essential oil )
Our Marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of Cannabis, typically of the species Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Strain names  reflect properties of the plant, such as taste, color, smell, or the origins of the strain.
Indica Marijuana Strains
Our Cannabis Indica strains get their genetics from the original landrace strains of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where they were used primarily for the production of hashish. Unilke sativas, smoking indica buds typically results in a heavier, sedating stone, which why they are often used for pain relief by medical marijuana users. When growing, indica plants tend to be somewhat compact, and have tight nugs and wide leaves.
Purple kush = $255 for 1Ounce
Blueberry Kush = $215 for 1Ounce
Sativa Marijuana Strains
Our cannabis Sativa plants are quite different from their indica counterparts in both the way they grow and the way they smoke. Known for it’s cerebral, uplifting high, sativa strains are very popular among recreational smokers as well as with the medical marijuana community, where it’s widely used to relieve anxiety, depression, and muscle tension, among other things.
Purple Haze = $300 for 1Ounce
Sour Diesel = $220 for 1Ounce
Blue Dream pt. Hybrid =
$275 for 1Ounce
Hybrid Marijuana Strains
Hybrid marijuana strains are much more common these days than pure indicas or sativas. As more cannabis breeders cross different strains in an effort to combine and better favorable genetics, many wonderful hybrids have been introduced to the world. These strains combine their parents’ genetics and often have a wonderful balance of both indica and sativa characteristics.
Ak-47 = $240 for 1Ounce
NYC Diesel = $195 for 1Ounce
Master Kush = $308 for 1Ounce
Other Possible Available strains

    Afghan Kush
    Afghani Bullrider
    Alien Dawg
    Hindu Kush
    Alaskan Thunderfuck
    Allen Wrench
    Cat Piss
    Charlotte's Web

    30day cbd
    100$ OG
    3 Kings
    707 Headband
    Ace of spades
    Blue Crack
    Dark Matter
    Sugar Rush