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buyers who choose us as their source of cannabis can be confident that their future supplies have the best possible genetic foundations. Our history of collecting, breeding and improving exceptional cannabis strains spans more than 30 years and makes us the leading weed selling online store when it comes to experience and specialised knowledge of marijuana genotypes.

The expansive and unique resources preserved in our gene-bank enable us to make different strains available to buyers with the guarantee that they represent the original genetics of each strain and hybrid. Our attention to detail and careful control of packing and storage conditions ensure all strains sold us are in their best quality in keeping with our exacting standards.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality for every strain of cannabis we sell  has earned us the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

After-sales support is available from the Customer Service department via email or telephone. Online, customers can consult our  website and its lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),
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